Were you aware that 2/3 of adults experiencing homelessness have not received a high school diploma or completed a GED?

NAEHCY Survey on Early Childhood Education and Homelessness

Setting the Context

Over half of all children living in federally-funded homeless shelters are under the age of five. Many more young children live with their families in motels, or in cramped, unstable, often unsafe arrangements with other people because shelter is not available. Young children who are homeless have more developmental delays, health problems, and mental health difficulties than low-income housed children, which seriously compromises their later educational success.

About the NAEHCY Survey

In response to the growing number of young children experiencing homelessness, NAEHCY is expanding its work in early childhood. As a first step, NAEHCY is conducting a voluntary survey of school district homeless liaisons, homeless service providers, and early care and education providers (child care, preschool, Head Start/Early Head Start, IDEA Part B and C). The purpose of the survey is to examine:

  1. Barriers to homeless families with young children accessing early care and homeless services;
  2. Successful strategies for addressing those barriers; and
  3. The degree of collaboration among early care and homeless programs.

In addition, NAEHCY wishes to gather broad input and suggestions for its public policy and technical assistance work in the early childhood arena. For purposes of this survey, “young children” are defined as infants, toddlers, and pre-school children (ages 0-5).

Learn More

Learn more about early childhood education program options for young children experiencing homelessness.

Complete the Survey

Visit to complete the NAEHCY survey.

It is estimated that it will take approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey.
If you would prefer, you may download the survey to review prior to completing the survey online. Please note that the downloadable survey is for viewing only. All survey responses must be submitted online at

Thank you for informing and shaping NAEHCY’s efforts to improve the lives of young children and their families who are experiencing homelessness.

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