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About the NAEHCY Scholarship Program

NAEHCY supports excellence in the education of homeless youth, K-12 thru higher education. Educational success for all Scholars remains an important focus of NAEHCY. We are committed to supporting our young people and ensuring they achieve their goals. As a reflection to this commitment, the 2017 Scholarship Program will be open to current and past NAEHCY Scholars and awarded as a College Completion incentive.

NAEHCY is grateful for the dedication of all of the state coordinators, liaisons, counselors, teachers, and others who have made a difference in the lives of homeless children, in part by recommending them to the apply for the scholarship. Please check back soon for the application and instructions.

NAEHCY 2018 Conference
Anaheim, CA
October 27-30, 2018
The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015
Homeless Students in ESEA Reauthorization
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